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Chopstick Nets!

Tired of the traditional large metal twisted nets? Could there be something a little lighter [...]

A look at Colorz Guppy Farm

Here is a look at some past photos over the last few years of what [...]


How-to instantly cycle a tank

Quick Cycle Need to setup an instantly cycled tank? Here is a quick method that [...]

Colorz Guppy Farm #1 Guppy Blog

Starting off the New Year in a nice way! I am proud to announce that [...]


How to treat Columnaris

Columnaris (also referred to as cottonmouth) is a symptom of disease in fish which results [...]


Choosing Aquarium Sponge Filters

In my fish room I only use sponge & box filters with the exception of [...]

NRD for Guppies – Guppy Food

What is NRD for Guppies? Forget commercial flake foods! Give your guppies a high protein [...]

Thailand Import & Breeding Program 2022

Thailand Import Confirmed (April 10th, 2022) I am happy to announce that I finally have [...]

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