Why aren’t you feeding the best for your Guppies?

Nitro Supp for Guppies

Many of the fish foods and guppy specific foods available today from commercial suppliers just dont cut it when it comes to being highly digestible and providing immune boosting capabilities. In fact I dont really know of any or of any specific for Guppies! Commercial foods for fish are mainly flake based and going to be much higher in fillers designed to extend the shelf life, which means they contain binders such as gluten and wheats are often the first or second ingredient by weight. FISH CANNOT DIGEST BINDERS!

Flours, glutens etc. are simply not digested by fish and this leads to more excrement in the tank and overall higher levels of detritus in not only the substrate but filters as well.

What we need is a high protein food which contains essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals & antimicrobials that supplement to diet of your guppy. The result will be lower levels of excrement in the tank, higher level of immunostimulants. Healthy tissue growth and repair, brain development and fin/scale recovery.

About Nitro Guppy Food

Used across Asia by professional breeders, Nitro Guppy SUPP is a Multi-Vitamin supplement in the form of a premium micro pellet specifically formulated for your guppy. It was developed by Guppy breeders in Indonesia as Nitro SUPP a food supplement for guppies that increases immunity against diseases. Such as finrot disease, fungus, pineapple scales and other guppy diseases.

Made with premium ingredients containing natural antimicrobials for vibro control Nitro SUPP helps guppies handle stress conditions especially during shipments or other conditions. It improves growth and maximizes the quality of your fish. It is the only Guppy food that boosts the level of immunostimulants. These are all important factors to help with the development of fry and juveniles. Adults also benefit as well. I have seen very good results using this food now for over 6 months with all my guppies. I have included Nitro SUPP as part of my daily feeding regime and can confirm that my guppies seem to have better overall health and the best part is they really like it!

Nitro Supp Guppy Food

I suggest to feed a small amount once a day in the morning as the first meal. Then you can feed other food like NRD for Guppies as the second or third feeding.

Get the best for your guppies! Buy Now We are OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR of NITRO SUPP guppy food in Canada & USA.



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