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NRD for Guppies food shown

What is NRD for Guppies?

Forget commercial flake foods! Give your guppies a high protein feed that is highly digestible and contributes to good bacteria in your aquarium along with less waste.

When I set out to find the best food available for my guppies I researched endlessly and during my research observed many people in Asia using NRD 3/5. when I found a good contact in Indonesia I learnt that NRD also made a feed based on their product 3/5 called NRD for Guppies which was specifically created for Guppies.

NRD was developed in by INVE Aquaculture company, NRD for Guppies essentially is a micro pellet perfectly suited for young to adult guppies. NRD offers a stage-specific diet to support healthy growth, high survival and maximized yield. Used by breeders around the world this is a must have to help with preventing pathogenic bacterial infections of the digestion system and to help build a healthy digestive tract.

NRD is dry diet made by two carefully formulated solutions for the early and the nursery/ pregrowing stages. NRD is made from high quality marine protein sources. This diet ensures a superior and digestible protein content.

I am now exclusively feeding all young & adult Guppies this feed along with weekly live baby brine shrimp as a staple & supplement with Nitro Supp.

After using this product for more than one year now I can confirm this product makes a big difference in the health of my guppies & the water quality, its no wonder its used in Asia by so many breeders and guppy keepers. In fact you can feed it to other small tropical fish, I do this myself with my Platy’s!

NRD for Guppies
NRD for Guppies product


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