Since 2017 I have been collecting Guppies and in 2019 I decided to start to breed different strains that I imported from Asia and other locations. In 2021, I launched Colorz Guppy Farm and offered high quality pure strain guppies in pairs & trios. I continued to research guppy breeding and learned the best methods for breeding, of which included correct diet and feeding methods. This led me to find great contacts in Asia and high quality products not offered anywhere else in North America.

Denny has been fishkeeping since the early 80’s and on and off over the years. Always fascinated by tropical fish and he has kept many varieties of species from Central & South America. Along with fish keeping one of his other passions is fishing! Not just any fishing but Carp Angling, the catch & release concept of Carp Angling truly goes hand in hand with fishkeeping, especially if you love Koi fish!

Denny Stamos
Guppy breeder & Transhipper

It is my pleasure to offer you my quality guppies!

Carp Fishing on the St-Lawerence river

One of my favorite types of fishing.

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  1. JG

    As described – young/small – healthy and attractive

  2. ER

    Nice product. Easier to sneak up on and scoop small fish in a planted tank.

  3. ER

    I’ve only just opened it. The micropellets are a good size for feeding both adults and fry after they get a few weeks old.

  4. JT

    Look ok just abit on the higher price but came nice and healthy!

  5. AB

    Amazing fish nice colouring and very healthy