Chopstick Nets!

Tired of the traditional large metal twisted nets? Could there be something a little lighter and easier to manipulate? Of course! Chopstick Nets from Colorz Guppy Farm! These nets are hand crafted in Indonesia using locally available chopsticks, nylon 555 sewing thread & a fine mesh. Available in Plastic, Wood or Stainless Steel chopsticks, once […]

How to treat Columnaris

Columnaris (also referred to as cottonmouth) is a symptom of disease in fish which results from an infection caused by the Gram-negative, aerobic, rod-shaped bacterium Flavobacterium columnare. Columnaris is a deadly and fast-moving infection that can wipe out an entire tank if not treated correctly and swiftly! Columnaris only affects freshwater fish, both in the […]

Choosing Aquarium Sponge Filters

In my fish room I only use sponge & box filters with the exception of a couple of HOB filters for certain tanks. All the sponge filters run off of one single Linear Piston pump which feeds into a PVC pipe loop with valves tapped into the pipes. This gives me a consistent and quiet […]

Why aren’t you feeding the best for your Guppies?

Nitro Supp for Guppies

Many of the fish foods and guppy specific foods available today from commercial suppliers just dont cut it when it comes to being highly digestible and providing immune boosting capabilities. In fact I dont really know of any or of any specific for Guppies! Commercial foods for fish are mainly flake based and going to […]