Live Fish Shipping in Canada

May 2023

How: All fish are shipped with UPS Express (Next Day Delivery Guaranteed) only. Lowest rates in Canada!

When: Every Monday or Tuesday.

I only ship live fish once a week either on Monday or Tuesday

Remote locations are not advisable and it is not possible have any guarantee they will be delivered on time. I am not taking any risks and reserve the right to refuse a location I feel could be a high risk. I do not want to subject fish to any additional stress or risk loosing them.  This would also cause a loss of money as I would have to refund you.

Packing: Fish are shipped in a 200lb test corrugated box lined with Styrofoam. During colder weather I add 24-72hr heat pack.

Example Rates

Edmonton, AB $35-45
Vancouver,BC $45-55
Ottawa, ON $24-29
Oshawa, ON $20-25
Brampton, ON $26-30
Mississauga, ON $22-28
Halifax,NS $45-50
St-John,NB $35-40
Quebec City,QC $25-30
Shawinnigan,QC $25-30

Meetup Locations – Live Fish

If your in the general Montreal or Ontario east area you can still pickup in Rigaud, QC or at my meetup locations listed below.


Ottawa – Gatineau Region

Casselman, ON exit 66 – Tim Hortons

Hawkesbury – Vanleek – L’Orignal

Hawkesbury Tim Hortons route 17.

Cornwall – Lancaster – Alexandria

Flying J’s Travel Center – Exit 814 Old Hwy 2


Montreal – West-Island – Vaudreuil Dorion

Vaudreuil – Tim Hortons Bd de la Gare


DOA (Dead On Arrival) Policy:

We Guarantee Live Arrival on ALL of our fish!

In order for your guarantee to be valid, if you receive any DOA fish please send 2 clear pictures of the fish in the unopened original bag to  The pictures must be sent within 2 hours of posted delivery time on first attempt, according to UPS time stamp from the tracking number.

**Once the fish arrives alive, Colorz Guppy Farm is no longer responsible for the fish.  There are many factors involved with the handling of the fish that play a role in the longevity of the fish. You must follow the instructions included inside the box.

How it works:

I will refund any dead fish up to a maximum of 1 pairs. And will replace any total loss.

For example,

If you ordered 2 pairs and 1 pair arrived DOA I will refund 1 pair. If only 1 fish is DOA I will refund the cost of the 1 fish.

If you ordered 4 pairs and 2 pairs arrived DOA then I will refund 1 pair or depending on the cost I may replace or refund both pairs. I always to be be as fair as possible. Its very rare occurrence anyways that 1 pair or more are lost during a 1 day shipment.

Total Loss:

In the event of a total loss and they all arrived DOA I will replace the fish at no cost but you must pay the shipping for the replacement order.

In the example of only 1 pair ordered, it is simpler to just refund 100% of cost of fish.

* Shipping is not refundable.

* All livestock is non-returnable

* I (Colorz) reserve the right to choose whether to reship or refund.