Chopstick Nets!

Tired of the traditional large metal twisted nets? Could there be something a little lighter and easier to manipulate? Of course! Chopstick Nets from Colorz Guppy Farm! These nets are hand crafted in Indonesia using locally available chopsticks, nylon 555 sewing thread & a fine mesh. Available in Plastic, Wood or Stainless Steel chopsticks, once you try these you will always use them. Most of all your supporting someone who depends on this for living and therefor supporting a small business involved in the community in Indonesia and locally here in Canada!

As of April 2023 I am offering a 7cm round or square in Green, Blue or Red in either a plastic or wood chopstick. More variations will come along with some special editions! One of the nice things about these nets is that they hold some water so its less stressful for the fish and especially with fry as they have enough water during the netting out.


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