How-to instantly cycle a tank

Quick Cycle

Need to setup an instantly cycled tank?

Here is a quick method that works if you already have one or more established tanks. Keep on hand a spare sponge filter or media from a HOB (hang on back) in the event you ever need to expand, setup a hospital or quarantine tank.

When your ready to setup your tank, take your sponge from the existing tank and squeeze it out in a bucket filled with that tank water. That’s all good beneficial bacteria that you can use to startup a new tank! Put your new sponge filter in the bucket and squeeze it in the water to get the sponge filled with all that yucky stuff, I even just leave it there for a few hours to half a day but from experience it works instantly! Just go easy on your feedings the first week and you should be ok.

That’s it!

all that yummy stuff!

Interesting Fact: I once started 10 tanks on the same day all with new filters using this method. I actually poured the rest of the water evenly into each tank. Why not? I added my fish and was good to go!

As mentioned earlier go easy on your feedings & water changes the first week and you should be ok.

That’s it!

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