Thailand Import & Breeding Program 2022

Thailand Import Confirmed (April 10th, 2022)

I am happy to announce that I finally have a shipment of Guppies from Thailand on the way!

Its been a while, since I imported some from Thailand and from this breeder. Quality is top notch! Don’t miss this opportunity if you want some of the best quality striking guppies! Fish will be quarantined for up to 2 weeks, de-wormed and treated for any external parasites. When they become available I will post on Facebook & Instagram. I will be adding the new fish to the website during the first week of arrival and will only become available for sale once quarantine is completed. If you want to know when they are in stock, simply login (or register account) to website find the product and choose the “back in stock” notification!

Dumbo Mosaic Guppy

New Strains & More Imports

This months import is one of hopefully more in 2022. I will be carrying more stock and varied line of strains that should really please most people! This year Imports should mainly come from Thailand & Indonesia. I am also working with new contacts in Vietnam. Indonesia trial run will occur soon!

With shipping under way since March I should be able to get more guppies out to all of you!

Focused Strains for 2022

Blue Moscow’s are back! This is my first strain and favorite. After loosing most of my crossed out Blue Moscow’s in 2021 I finally picked up some high quality Moscow’s to restart the breeding program. Until I can provide more of my own I will be importing some pairs for now.

Breeding Program 2022

For 2022 I will be focusing on the following 4 strains for breeding.

  • Blue Moscow
  • HB Blue (Tuxedo)
  • HB Tuxedo Koi
  • Red Dragon

It is possible I may add a 5th strain to breed, I am working on more options. If you have any ideas send me an email or comment here below!




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      Denny@ Colorz says:

      sounds great Tom! If your on the mailing list you will be notified. Will also will be posted on FB & Instagram. You can also subscribe to the product “back in stock” which will go up next week.

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